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International Medical Outreach stands for inclusion and against racism.

We have been using the past few weeks to better understand what our country is going through. Although we recognize that we can never fully know their pain, our hearts are with the families affected by police brutality and those facing discrimination. As an organization, we would like to recognize and support our fellow Black Americans in the fight against systemic injustices. Through our mission and our actions, we have always been an organization that supports equality, diversity, and representation. We cannot support any actions that stray from these ideas.


IMO encourages its members to donate to the links below if you are able, or use this link to find additional resources to better understand our current situation. 

We see you. We hear you. We stand with you because black lives matter. 

Reclaim the Block
Campaign Zero
National Bail Out
National Bail Fund Network
The Innocence Project

Support Black-owned small businesses


IMO Executive Board 

We Stand With You.

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