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How to apply for a trip

All trips, including international and domestic, require the submission of an application as well as an interview for a position on the trip.

Once applications open for a trip, make sure to submit in a timely manner with well thought out answers to all questions. This application will be the main determining factor for interview or trip positions.

Tips and Requirements:

  • Involvement

    • IMO involvement is the biggest thing we take into account when deciding the teams for each trip. Age and seniority are not considered, rather how dedicated you are to IMO's mission.

    • The best way to get involved is to come out to meetings, events, tabling, and volunteering and make sure you sign in at anything you attend. You can track your own points by looking at the points page.

  • Knowledge

    • There will be required health trainings for each trip in addition to a trip responsibilities health training. Please visit the events page for details on each of these meetings.

    • Make sure you are regularly attending health trainings to learn more about the trip you are applying to​.

    • If you miss a health training be sure to contact to schedule a make up session.

    • To look over any old material visit the meeting archive page.

  • Team dynamic is considered for all IMO trips in order to make our volunteering weeks go as well as possible.

  • Travel requirements

    • Before applying to an IMO ​trip make sure you have a valid passport that will not expire within 6 months of the trip date

    • Once accepted onto an IMO trip, you will be required to make an appointment at the UCF Health Center to talk to the travel doctor about the region to which you will be traveling and get any vaccinations/medication required.

  • Most importantly, apply for a trip when you feel you are ready!

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