IMO Trips

Throughout the year, International Medical Outreach offers UCF students opportunities to travel, volunteer, and experience different cultures. Some of our trips are consistent from year to year, such as Haiti and New Orleans. Other trips are centered around shadowing doctors in other countries to observe and learn. These trips differ each year and Colombia and Peru are shadowing trips IMO has done in the past. Check out the information below for more on each trip!


Twice a year, IMO would travel to the South-Eastern region of Haiti to set up a clinic that offers free health care for the community of Mare-Brignol. With the help of Haitian doctors, we are able to see around 600 patients and offer them the medical attention that they would not have otherwise had access to. In addition to the days we spend in the clinic, our team hosts workshops for the community with a focus on preventative healthcare to teach topics such as nutrition, cardiovascular health, and hygiene. Our partner with Vitamin Angels has allowed us to give vitamin A to the children, helping to prevent eye diseases that accompany vitamin A deficiency.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, IMO has been unable to travel back to Haiti since December 2019. Thankfully, IMO has been able to still fulfill our mission with Haiti from afar through donations we send regularly, and the completion of building a pharmacy.


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New Orleans

IMO travels to New Orleans, LA two times a year to volunteer at the Magnolia Community. Here, our members are able to spend the week with adults with developmental disabilities. IMO has also volunteered with Green Light New Orleans to help reduce the environmental footprint of homes and Garden on Marais to give back to the community.

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During spring break 2019 IMO traveled to Peru to shadow and volunteer. At Hospital Sabogal del Callao, we were able to observe oncology and plastic surgery and learn about radiology, vitals, and diagnostic techniques. In addition to shadowing, we were able to visit schools throughout Lima and volunteer with the National Institute of Child Health to hand out donations at the children's hospital.


During spring and summer break in 2018 IMO traveled to Colombia to shadow doctors and to volunteer. We were able to shadow under the specialties of psychiatry, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynecology, primary care, infectious disease, and pediatrics. In addition to the days spent at the hospital, we volunteered to hand out donations at FUHECAP and in the town of Cuatro Bocas. 

Ft Lauderdale

In January 2021 IMO traveled to Ft Lauderdale, Florida to volunteer at the Little Master's Child Care Center. While at the school, our team Helped with beautifications around the school, engaged the kids in their everyday classroom activities, and helped to develop STEAM based activities for the students.

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