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Our Research Project in Haiti

The Perception, Usage, and Knowledge of Moringa Oleifera in Mare-Brignol, Haiti after Increased Education and Access.


     The purpose of IMO’s research is to create nutritional sustainability for the people of Mare-Brignol, Haiti by incorporating a highly nutritious plant, Moringa Oleifera, into their daily diets. To do this, we hope to educate the villagers through a series of educational Moringa workshops, as well as, make the plant more accessible to them by the donation of Moringa powder and the use of a community Moringa garden. The idea is to measure their perception, usage, and knowledge of Moringa before and after the education and increased accessibility to see if the method is successful. IMO has made a partnership with Kuli Kuli who is generously donating all-natural Moringa powder for use in the study.


Update: The research project has been approved by the University of Central Florida’s International Review Board and the Haitian Ethics Committee! The research team went on their pre-trip on August 17-22, 2019, and conducted preliminary surveys to document the usage and perception of Moringa among the 34 participants in our study. The research team then conducted an educational workshop on the nutritional benefits of Moringa and then gave out a three-month supply of Moringa powder to each participant. After a three-month period, we will return to Mare-Brignol to conduct post-project surveys. We hope to see that IMO’s method of community Moringa adaptation will increase their knowledge, usage, and promote overall health within Mare-Brignol.

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