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Mare-Brignol, Haiti

Mare Brignol has been a community that IMO has worked with since 2011. Our collaboration with Vitamin Angles allowed us to work closely with the medical personnel to provide physical check-ups of patients, and administer Vitamin A to the children, to prevent blindness. Regardless, IMO continues to support the Mare Brignol community in collaboration with the Belle Anse Timoun Family. Through IMO’s financial contributions, the organization is able to allocate those funds to a cistern and a clinic/pharmacy. Additionally, IMO is a part of the BATF Radio Education initiative, in which we will educate, along with an MD panel, about different illnesses or general health topics for the community to learn about. In this radio show, we will speak about how prevention is key to avoiding infection or illness from a certain pathogen.

Current Updates

Our project in Mare-Brignol, Haiti was established in 2011. This rural community has little to no running clinics, hospitals, or treatment facilities. Due to limited access to medical care, economic hardships, and inconsistent access to food, many health disparities have been observed in Mare-Brignol.  Our goal is to provide strategic assistance to help Mare-Brignol achieve sustainable healthcare and hopefully leave them in better economic standing.  Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic and political unrest, our Haiti trips have been put on hold. However, our work with the community has continued from afar.


With millions of Haitians lacking clean drinking water, the country is experiencing a resurgence of cholera. Cisterns store rainwater as a means to provide clean drinking water to the community.

Radio Education

A radio system is in the process of being fixed so the members of IMO, along with Dr. Kwong, can still interact with the community. This will impact their lives through health education prevention related to cholera, scabies and many more treatable communicable diseases!

Clinic & Pharmacy


The purpose of our clinic and pharmacy is to ensure the community of Mare-Brignol has readily accessible healthcare services in IMO’s absence. 

Click here to learn more about our Haiti Project.

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