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IMO Event Details

All members must sign up for Volunteer Events using the link above and review the criteria below. By signing up for an event with IMO, you agree to these criteria. Keep up with our emails and social media for more updates.

Rules and Criteria:

  • 1st drop: warning

  • 2nd drop: -3 IMO points​

    • Directors get a strike

    • -4 IMO Points for Amway and Football fundraisers

    • $20 fine for Amway events

  • 3rd drop: Cannot participate in volunteer events for the school year

    • Directors are terminated

  • NO PENALTY if you find a replacement or notify Caiden a week before the event

  • All members attending Volunteer, Social, or Fundraising Events with IMO must follow all CDC and UCF guidelines as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes but is not limited to being highly encouraged to wear a facial covering at all times and maintaining social distancing from other members when possible.

  • Please review the UCF COVID-19 agreement below.

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